Head to Toe Beauty…Get ready with me for Holidays & Events.

Hi lovelies I get so many messages about how I get ready for holidays or a big event; So ive decided to share all my secrets in a post for you guys. I too love watching how the Kardashians and other celebs get ready so let’s get into it.

**Russian Lashes

I was very recently introduced to Russian Lashes by Chloe’s Brow & Beauty Bar, when I go on holiday I only wear Sun Protection Factor during the day. So to have my lashes looking full and fabulous without having to put strip lashes on and very little maintenance was a win win. In the evening my lashes looked amazing too, no mascara just a little bronzer in the crease of my eyes and i was good to go. When I spotted Dani from Love Island with Russian Lashes i was delighted.¬†

  • It takes 1/2 hours for lash application
  • use a spooly to reshape your lashes after a shower
  • oil free make remover only or you’ll take the lashes off
  • Only your therapist can¬†remove your lashes in¬†salon¬†
  • Chloe took a photo before my natural lashes where unharmed
  • you can go as natural or full on glam with russian lashes
Without Russian Lashes

With Russian Lashes

Spray Tan Bondi Sands

I have very fair blue Irish skin, so i love a spray tan so I’m bikini ready. I had¬†Bondi Sands¬†spray tan in light medium and adored the colour it gave me. The Ozzies know how to formulate tan as it looked like a real olive natural tan.¬†Chloe’s Brow & Beauty Bar¬†Lurgan is the only salon offering Bondi Sands Spray in Co Armagh and has every shade from light to ultra dark

Bondi Sands Spray Tan

Teeth Whitening

I’ve been whitening my teeth for a few years now. I have retainers made from the dentist and I usually bleach my teeth every 4 months or so and like to use 1 or 2 vials of opalescence teeth whitening gel for a few days before I go on holiday. You can only have the retainers made by your dentist or you could cause serious damage to your teeth.¬†Read how i got my teeth from yellow to white¬†HERE


The sun really dries your skin out, so whilst you use your Sun Protection Care in the sun you really need to nourish your skin. I’ve used two brands the first is a Swiss brand called **ophrys skincare¬†I adore the facial moisturiser which really nourished my skin in the hot weather and along with the eye gel it was the perfect combination. I have eczema prone skin and ophrys skincare gave my skin enough hydration and sat perfectly under makeup.¬†The Science Bit… ophrys have patented mini hax which is a low molecular hyaluronic acid which they claim can penetrate deeper.

Last and by no means least is one of my all time favourite products… ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† **inner senses organic 7 wonders oil.¬†This oil has supercharged my face and body skincare regime. Its 100ml and the skin on my face and body has never felt so good. Sorrento and Positano in Italy and the heatwave we had in Ireland my skin has never felt as nourished with this amazing serum. Well worth ever penny guys as its so big so you don’t have to be precious with it, but has amazing ingredients.

The Science Bit… powerhouse blend of

  • omega 3 6 chia seed oil
  • carnelian seed oil packed with antioxidants and polyphenols
  • African super fruit baobab which has high levels of vitamin C great for skin elasticity
  • black seed oil used by Cleopatra anti-inflammatory rehydrating plumping
  • apricot kernel oil helps prevent wrinkles
  • green avocado oil and beta carotene vitamin A
  • COENZYME q10 boosts cell regeneration
  • arctic blackcurrant co2

I’ve noticed my skin has been glowing with this serum and will be repurchasing once its finished as ive never had a face and body serum that has made my skin glow quite like Inner senses.

inner senses organic 7 wonders panacea serum 

Where to buy…

I hope you love my holiday preperation as much as i do lovelies, and i would love to hear your holiday prep in the comments.

Items marked with ** where gifted, as always opinions are my own 

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