Teeth whitening

Say cheese…….I often use to hide my yellow teeth, as Living with Chronic Pancreatitis my poor teeth have been through a lot! Vomiting, bile, acid reflux, malnutrition  really didn’t help me achieve a ‘Hollywood Smile’ sadly.

I’m lucky that my teeth are fairly straight, but illness and ageing didnt make them the colour I wanted them to be. After a routine checkup in July 2015 I asked my dentist  if I was suitable for home whitening and the answer was yes! They had an offer of a Retainer and 3 vials of Zoom Whitening I bought a further 3 vials of opalessence  making 6 in total. (Check with your dentist how many you will need)

I tried the whitening gel initially for 4 hours, and then overnight. Brushing before whitening.

Me with my retainers in, they weren’t uncomfortable.

So after using my 6 vials I got great results! You can can see I didn’t smile broadly before as I was conscious of my teeth. The bottom pics are the before yellow in colour; The top are my after bright and white! Whitening only takes away stains and returns your teeth to the colour you would be naturally before coffee, red wine, and other stains. If you want Simon Cowell white you will need veneers to achieve this.

Bottom before, top after whitening.

So there you have it, my teeth whitening journey. It has increased my confidence immensely and makes my selfies look a little better teehee! A whiter smile is naturally anti ageing. Say cheeseeeeeee 💕


Before & after whitening <

have continued whitening with my retainer bi monthly, and my teeth are at the whitest they’ve ever been. I have had a spray tan (which makes your teeth look whiter in pictures)

With lots of messages asking me about my teeth after I posted a recent picture,I wanted to update you all and keep you in the loop. Your local dentist can make you a ratainer for around €50 £40 don’t use the ones you make at home as they can leak and burn the gums!!<
tober 2016

*** you must check with your dentist if your suitable, as if you have untreated cavities or periodontal disease it could be detrimental to your teeth and gums. I bought the kit myself. I prefer opalessence as Zoom gave me zingers and use stronger whitening gel. My teeth react better to the stronger preparations on teeth for a few hours, overnight with low zoom whitener gave me discomfort. (Personal experience)

o there you have it, you can whiten a little or go to Ross from friends colour. Its up to you, and how white your teeth are and how stained they are. I get so many compliments on my white smile💋

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      1. The Beauty Stage says:

        isn’t gastritis the worst!! it’s literally so unbearable, no one understands! ooh okay i see, definitely will try it out your teeth are sooo white!!

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