My first blog

After much consideration, a few years if I’m brutally honest I’m posting my very first blog post  hurrah! My name is Wendie and I want to journal about Lifestyle, beauty, fashion and my illness Chronic Pancreatitis.

I’m Irish, from the North of the island and wanted to introduce myself and take all of you with me as I blog and help anyone with chronic pancreatitis……………………………………(or other chronic illnesses’) that we can live our best lives; be it from bed, sofa or if your lucky enough to still be able to work.

Thats it it my first blog post eeeeek….. Expect pictures, and please be gentle with me as I learn the ropes and learn how to give you good content.

Love Lurganista 💕

3 thoughts on “My first blog

  1. Pat says:

    Hi I am a Chronic Pacreatitis suffer as well ,it’s not an easy thing to live with so good to hear from other people in the same boat as it can be a lonely illness sometimes and I am also from the North of Ireland

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