Skincare Essentials

Skincare is the beginning and end of great skin. You could buy the most expensive foundation on the market and it would not look good if your skin isn’t in good condition. (Even Charlotte Tilbury wouldn’t look amazing dahhhlings) You look after your skin, and you will reap the rewards. Cleanse-Tone-moisturise-serum-exfoliate.


My skin is dry, and can be eczema prone so my recommendation will be from a normal/dry/dehydrated/mature perspective. (Under 25’s can discount using eye cream, throat cream and serums)

Cleansing cheats

living with a chronic illness, chronic pancreatitis I find it hard to always deeply cleanse; so for bad days I use my holy grail Garnier Micellar water which cleanses tones and takes off eye makeup. On double sided boots cotton pads.



Mornings I like to use Elemis Pro Radiance Cleanser which dissolves makeup and treats the skin,(primark/penny’s do  fab face clothes which gently exfoliate too, and cost penny’s)  Gatineau Floracil eye makeup remover as it’s gentle for contact lenses wearers’, finishing with Elemis Apricot toner. Twice a week I also use an exfoliating mask, your moisturiser will only work 50% if you don’t slough off the dead skin cells,  Elemis papaya enzyme mask 


Moisturising morning routine

I then use my eye cream, a size of the grain of rice on the orbital bone. I’m using Perricone MD high potency eye lift, followed by Perricone cold plasma Sub-d on my neck and décolletage; this neck cream is a miracle in a jar! My necklace lines have lessened in 2 weeks. It’s expensive and I bought it on Qvcuk as a TSV when it’s finished I may actually cry! I then moisturise my whole face with Sanctuary night concentrate as it’s a lighter in texture than the day cream strangely.


Evening moisturising routine

Evening, I cleanse as in the morning routine above and use the same moisturising products but add in Holland & Barratt Rose otto oil. It really is a fantastic serum for the price, and won a prestigious CEW Award in 2013 (beauty Oscar) I’ve used this for 2 years and other than Clarins Double Sereum it works so well on my skin, I also put some in my hair and mix with my body moisturiser too as it’s well priced and great ingredients.

I bought all of these products myself.

Boots. Com: Garnier Micellar water:

Sanctuary night concentrate: Elemis products, Perricone MD, Gatineau: The Sub D plasma has gotten rid of my dryness on my neck, I bought it on offer but it’s full price now sadly.

holland&barratt Rose otto oil serum:

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