The Eyes have it! 

Can you spot the difference….

Every time I was on Facebook something kept popping into my feed, it was an Ad for Wunderbrow. I always saw the videos of  girls putting it on then rubbing it with a finger, and it was completely set. For years now I’ve always had HD brows done at the salon as it gives me the perfect look, after a few weeks though the brows don’t look as good. So I thought I’d bite the bullet and purchase Wunderbrow in brunette. 

Wunderbrow Brunette 

It comes with a spooly Wunderbrow  and an information sheet. This little brow gel is fantastic! When you use it you need to work quick, as it sets in record time and is pretty waterproof making it the perfect beach proof item for this time of year. I use it direct from the brush but some prefer to put it on a card (not your hand as its impossible to get off)  and work with an angled brush. I then have a Q-Tip ready to quickly clean up any mistakes before it sets.

Wunderbrow Brunette brush

  • Wunderbrow company claims: 1 step brow gel with permafix technology 
  • Perfect eyebrows that last for days 
  • Step 1 Apply to clean dry brows free of moisturiser 
  • Step 2 fill in the sparse spots with feathery strokes in the direction of hair growth
  • Step 3 once desired shape is achieved use spooly to groom upwards
  • Step 4 remove with an oil based remover (I use Lancôme  Bifacil )
  • Complete safe, one step solution to eyebrow shape & hair loss. Hair fibre complex creates the perfect brow in under 2 minutes.
  • Contains an exclusive blend of hair like fibres combined with special pigments. The hair fibre complex then fused into a permafix gel creating a flexible matrix, locking the natural colour and hairs into place.

The top/first picture you can see the hooooge difference with Wunderbrow & Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat lash. I have hooded eyes and these products define my brows and the mascara lifts lengthens & curls my lashes even without an eyelash curler! 

I’ve used Benefit Roller Lash mascara since it was launched and go between it and Chanel volume mascara. I didn’t think I would ever leave these two tried & tested mascara’s that work brilliantly and don’t upset my sensitive contact lens wearing eyeballs. 

Yet another new launch caught my attention from Charlotte Tilbury Full fat lash. Again the bloggers & vloggers on YouTube I know have integrity where doing demonstrations that where unbelievable. I was over in Liverpool with my mum for a pancreatic appointment and my mum loves  John Lewis Liverpool so whilst my mum shopped up a storm I found myself at the Charlotte Tilbury counter. Beth the sales associate sat me down and took off my mascara and put on Full Fat Lash OMG my lashes where amazing! 

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat lash mascara 

Its gel based, so you can really build the mascara up. The only downside is my lashes where so long they hit my skin! The brush is a good shape for getting into the roots and creating a fan shape on the lashes.

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat lash (brush) 

  • Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lash company claims.    
  • Step 1 curl lashes 
  • Step 2 start from inner corner brush from root to tip
  • Step 3 pull lashes out to the outer corner 
  • Step 4 use tip for bottom lashes
  • Your search is over. My perfect 5 in 1 mascara! 
  • Curl Seperation Volume length Drama dahlings!                                       

Both eyes Wunderbrow Brunette & Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lash. 

These 2 products are magic, and my eyes definitely have it! Work quickly with the Wunderbrow and let the Full Fat lash dry and build up those lashes with the gel formula. Your eyes will have it too Lurganista Lovelies. 

Wunderbrow Amazon
Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat lash; Beth at John Lewis Liverpool 0151 709 7070 

Charlotte Tilbury online;

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