Salon Secrets IBX Nail Treatment 

Hi guys, as many of you know I have Chronic Pancreatitis and it causes a lot of nasty side effects. So I thought I’d do a blog series on what treatments I have at the Beauty & Hair salon.

I want you guys regardless of  your health status to share in my secrets, and hopefully it will help you look and feel your best. Even if you just have a treatment as a one of for a treat, holiday wedding or event.

This week the focus is IBX Nail Repair System. I have Gel polish as an adjunct to the IBX as I’m not the best at polishing my own nails especially with pain. I get 2/3 weeks from this system on my own nails without needing extensions.

IBX & Jessica Geleration ‘I do’ cocktailed with Gelish ‘June Bride’ 

My nails before IBX where truly dreadful, after a gel manicure they where paper thin brittle and chipped. Even without a gel manicure they wouldn’t grow and had no strength. IBX penetrates the nail so doesn’t just sit on the surface like traditional nail treatments. It’s a miracle for my nails!

My naked nails with IBX you could just leave them bare or use nail polish.

Now for the science bit:  IBX…….                              

  • It completes the formation of the IPN (inter penetrating Polymer Network) basically sealing itself into your nail plate.
  • It toughens the nail plate by fusing the upper layers, providing strength & protection.
  • A full coat is always applied weather for gel polish or bare nails.

How IBX works
My nails where like this before IBX 

IBX needs curing under a heat lamp and led light and doesn’t add a lot of time onto my Gel polish application. At least 3 Treatments are recommended to get the full effects of the treatment; or you can continue on like myself and have fabilis nails.   

Simply put IBX repairs, rejuvenate and strengthens the natural nail. Filling in any gaps between the nail bed layers, bonding the layers back together restoring strength and nail integrity as if you had really strong healthy nails. It’s truly a miracle product and this innovative product has given me back decent nails. I will continue using IBX as I couldn’t go back to sore flaky nails.

I have my IBX TREATMENT with Kelly Bassett at Kelly’s BeautyBox Lurgan 

Tel: 07731 825465 for appointments


3 thoughts on “Salon Secrets IBX Nail Treatment 

    1. wendie says:

      Anne, it’s a salon only treatment. If you google IBX and your local salons a few should be doing it. It was developed for chemo patients and my nails have been so good since having it done.


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