Tom Ford Cream colour For eyes ‘Sphinx’

Dolly’s I’m getting older blah! With this brings fine lines, and drooping lids although I’ve always had bedroom eyes (droopy lids) so younger chica’s do have this type of eye lid. Im always on the lookout for makeup that is easily applied and won’t sit in fine lines or emphasise ageing eyes. Add in the Wicked pleasures   of Pancreatitis and illness and I like quick results and makeup which goes on easily.

Ive bought quite a few Maybelline colour tattoo’s and while they’re adequate, I don’t find myself using them often, as they need lots of building and layers which is time consuming and they don’t look as well in real life or photographs.

Let me introduce too TOM FORD Cream Colour for eyes in Sphinx…..

This eye cream is just ah-may-zing! I just take a brush and without much thought just quickly apply to my eyes up to the crease. It doesn’t need a lot of blending and is so easy to apply.

The colour of the Tom Ford Eye cream in Sphinx is other worldly….it’s pink in some light, golden in others and has a hint of glitter but not huge disco ball glitter pieces; sophisticated grown up glitter. You could deepen it with a bronze shadow in the socket for evening or use alone for a daytime look. I’ve taken two photographs as I want you to see it with my eyes open and closed. * I’ve not used any filters so you can see how it looks in daylight in real life*

Tom ford sphinx (with closed eyes)
Tada….a beautiful daytime look.
this Tom Ford Sphinx really is a special little pot of magic. It might be limited edition dolly’s and though it’s spendy £30  a little goes a long long way…..

I bought this myself in Liverpool whilst over for a hospital visit at the beautiful Harvey Nicols cosmetic store, but for convenience if you don’t live in Dublin, London, Liverpool I’ve got a link for you lovelies in Harrods (as it’s sold out online everywhere) unless you live beside a Tom Ford counter ladies. Get ordering as it may be limited edition!!

USA gals…..

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