The best just got better… Clarins Double Serum.

They say its hard to improve on perfection,  Clarins have just knocked it out of the park with the reformulation of the Double Serum. Anyone who knows me and follows me here at Lurganista HQ will know I’m a skincare junkie, Clarins Double Serum does not disappoint. With the addition of Turmuric to the formula Clarins have improved upon perfection as I liked the original but adore the reformulation.

Since the launch back in 1985, the bloggers and celebrity favourite has held the top spot as the “Number 1 Anti-ageing serum in the Uk market’ no easy task with all the skincare brands on the market. This 8th formulation is a result of Clarins listening to customers and taking onboard they’re feedback. Caroline Hirons only blogs about what works, so you know Clarins Double Serum is a winner with this ladies seal of approval. See for yourself… Here

Clarins Double Serum targets the 5 vital skin functions….

  1. Regeneration
  2. Oxygenation
  3. Nutrition
  4. Hydration
  5. Protection

Clarins are still using  the innovation of the dual phase chamber of water and oil, which my skin just adores and with the change in seasons and ageing you too will adore this. The new additions are Turmeric which is a heavy duty antioxidant and fights inflammation improving cell turnover and giving radiance. Other additions are Teasel Extract to minimise fine lines Hoorah (also found in the Multi active Clarins range) and Organic Leaf Extract to boost your skins natural hydration levels (found in Clarins Hydra Essentiel range)

The new packaging with the customised dosing is so amazing. The lid now has an adjustable dial for customised dispensing, putting you firmly in control of how much your skin needs. Depending on your skins needs or if you are oily or extremely dry you can use as little or as much as you want.

Company Promises….  More Hydrating firming and brightening than ever, you can expect to see visible results within one month of using the new Clarins Double Serum. 

Having used Clarins Double Serum my skin has felt amazing despite the ravages of a week in the sun and boating in the strong sunshine. I didn’t think the original formula could be improved upon but with the 20 plus 1 anti-ageing ingredients this serum will remain a part of my skincare regime. Whilst not a drugstore product you will love the dosing system it comes in 2 sizes 30ml and 50ml.

**Full Disclosure** Clarins gifted me the Double Serum, I give open and honest reviews.

Where to buy… Debenhams Rushmere Craigavon and online, available on counters and online worldwide.

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