New Year! New Skincare Regime! Dermalogica Skincare

2018 is well and truly here lovelies and Dermalogica and Influenster kindly sent me some fabilis skincare which I’ve been putting to the test here at Lurganista HQ. I’ve tried Dermalogica when I had a professional facial, and it left my skin feeling and looking radiant; so this is the first time I’ve used Dermalogica at home.

Dermalogica Skincare

Dermalogica sent me the following products.

  • Dermalogica daily Superfoliant £55 / €60
  • Dermalogica pre cleanse balm & buffing tool £44 /€47
  • Dermalogica special cleansing gel £10/ €35
  • Dermalogica skin smoothing cream £34 / €37

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

I want to get right to the star of the show Dermalogica Superfoliant. Trying this for the first time I was very hesitant as it looked like ashes from a coal fire, and wasn’t a fragrance I am used to with skincare. (This is the active ingredients enzymes, and charcoal)

After cleansing and dampening my skin as per instructions, then rinsing off, OMG my skin felt and looked radiant and smooth!! My pores looked smaller too!! I was delighted. After using Dermalogica superfoliant regularly for 6 weeks, my skin felt and looked amazing it was glowing. I would for sure repurchase.  Hmmm im Not 100% sure if it beats my beloved Alpha H Liquid Gold; but it’s a very close second Read about Alpha H HERE

It’s not the cheapest exfoliator but I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for,  and some ingredients are expensive to manufacture which include enzymes, aha’s  activated Binchotan charcoal, Niacinamide, Red algae and Tara fruit extract all active ingredients in Dermalogica superfoliant.

The top shot is Dermalogica Superfoliant on the skin, afterwards my skin was smooth glowing and my makeup looked radiant!

What Dermalogica say about Superfoliant ….

  • Resurfaces deep cleanses for your smoothest skin ever
  • Absorbs environmental pollutants helps detox pores
  • Helps fight pollution triggers that lead to premature skin ageing

Dermalogica Precleanse Balm with Mitt 

Double cleansing has been popular for a while now, and if you tend to wear a lot of heavy foundation, makeup, and have oily skin you will love Precleanse Balm. The Mitt really gives the skin a good cleanse. Oil attracts oil so you are attracting all the nasty clogging oils and makeup out of your skin before you go on to cleanse your skin. I did like this product, my skin is dry and being chronically ill I don’t always have the energy to do a double cleanse; the pre cleanse balm is an amazing product but it’s my health which means I wouldn’t buy as some days I’m so ill cleansing once is a chore! My skin felt and looked great with pre cleanse if you have good health buy it ladies.

Dermalogica special cleansing gel 

Soap free this foaming gel cleanses all skin types. It is infused with lavender and is soothing on the skin at night. I did like this product but as I’m dry skinned I prefer not to use water when cleansing. I like Bioderma Micellar water but could see me slipping in the pre cleanse Dermalogica into my cleansing routine a few times a week.

Dermalogica skin smoothing cream 

This moisturiser was pleasant to use and includes aloe gel, mallow, cucumber and Arnica. My makeup went on fairly well over the top. I won’t be repurchasing ( even though Gwyneth Paltrow confesses she loves it) as I prefer Cetaphil moisturiser its well priced and suits my dry skin, I like to get my actives and anti-aging from my serums. Read my review of Cetaphil Here  

Dermalogica have been a pleasure to use, for me the Superfoliant was a clear winner as it made my skin look and feel amazing and us over 30’s need to look after our skin, I will repurchase. The pre cleanse oil and mitt was a close second. I guess it depends on your skin type if you have oily and or combination all of the products I’ve reviewed here will suit your skin type.

Dermalogica is available from Salons and online….

••Full Disclosure I was sent these skincare items for review, all of the opinions are my own••

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