Lets Talk about Botox! Therapie Clinic Ireland

**Therapie Clinic in Newry invited me to have Botox, and after researching **Therapie Clinic (something you all MUST do) I went along two weeks ago. I have had Botox before 2 years ago, I had quite pronounced 11 lines due in part to pancreatitis and frowning in pain. It worked beautifully and this time I wanted a slight eye lift as I was born with hooded eyes and don’t have a lot of lines on my forehead due to looking after my skin well and always using SPF all year round.

Before Picture with no filter….

After picture with no filters….

Immediately I can see my eyes are lifted, and the lines at the side of my eyes are gone! Not bad for an over 40 hey lovelies!

I am delighted with my results and Dr Jayne listened to my concerns and gave me an in-depth consultation before we began the Botox. I  had no pain at all, not even discomfort getting my eyebrows waxed is much more painful.

Do’s and dont’s of Botox….

  • No alcohol before or after on the day of Botox
  • keep upright for 4 hours
  • no touching rubbing for 24 hours
  • no chemical peels, sun or facials for 2 weeks

Dr Jayne imparted some good advise, if you want to start Botox its best to start about 30, if you leave it too 60 the lines will be too deep to treat and you may need an invasive treatment like a facelift.  Im not in favour of 21 year olds having Botox to prevent lines as it looks very odd on a young face. Also try not to have Botox every 3 months as some practitioners advocate, you can end up with muscle wastage!!! Great advise from Dr Jayne.

Therapie check after 2 weeks if you want a top up, I was so happy with my Botox that I don’t need any more.

Let me just say I’m not advocating anyone have Botox, it’s a personal choice but hopefully this will help you make a decision if your thinking about it Therapie have clinics all over Ireland including Belfast Newry Dublin Galway and Cork

I’m so delighted with my Botox from Therapie I got the results I wanted and can still move my face as I’m an animated chatterbox teehee!

** Therapie clinic gifted me the Botox treatment as always the views are my own**

7 thoughts on “Lets Talk about Botox! Therapie Clinic Ireland

    1. wendie says:

      It wears off after 2/3 months so it’s not permanent. Yes some practitioners want you to come every 3 months to retain the frozen look, but as your not using the muscles it begins to waste away!
      Therapie are fab, and I had a list of questions and every one was answered.


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