My experience with Lip Filler…

I had my lips filled on December 18th 2018 with Therapie Clinic Newry. I know celebrities have made it very popular, but don’t be pressured into having your lips filled ladies unless it’s your decision and always do your research.

I first had my lips filled back in October 2016 and it hurt so much with very little results (.5ML) it took me 2 years to pluck up the courage to have them done again. This time with Therapie Clinic the doctor was amazing.  Dr Felicity gave me a full 1ML and corrected my uneven top lip. I was expecting the same pain from the first clinic so was delighted that this didn’t occur.



  • Stop taking aspirin and brufin and antioxidants the week before.
  • Always do your research, the lips are very vascular and things can go wrong.
  • Have some ice in the freezer after you have your lips filled.


What to Expect

  • the doctor should inspect your lips and take some before and after shots.
  • numbing cream should take care of most of the pain, there will be a little discomfort.
  • If you have had coldsores in the past or carry the virus, try taking the medicine from the pharmacy I ended up with one.
  • beautiful lips, if you want Kylie Jenner’s old lips you will need 2-3ml of Juvaderm. Kylie only has 1ml natural lips now.


What can go wrong

  • Allergic reaction, go straight to the hospital
  • lumps which your doctor will need to look at, i had none.
  • There is a reversal medication incase they go wrong


Im so happy with the end results, despite being an older blogger Dr Felicity at Therapie Clinic assessed my lips and knew exactly what my lips needed. Whilst i did get a coldsore it healed in a few days. It was a bit painful that night, icing helped so much with the pain and i couldn’t be more delighted with the full natural results Therapie Clinic and Dr Felicity gave me. You can read about my botox HERE

You can see my lip filler journey in videos in my instagram highlights

Therapie Clinic have clinics all over Ireland & UK, I went to Newry 0800 012 1565


Before Picture… My upper lip is slightly thinner

After picture…

Perfect lips from Therapie Clinic

** Therapie Clinic gifted me the lip filler, and I gave my honest opinion as always. **


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