Christine Bleakley & Frank Lampart wedding.

 Yes a wedding is a romantic and religious ceremony, but who doesn’t hold their breath for the wedding gown. 

Christine Bleakly opted for a Suzanne Nevelle wedding gown of Knightsbridge England, who dressed Katherine Jenkins too on her wedding day.

I loved this gown, it made Christine look beautiful, and suited her athletic figure. I also loved the bright white against her dark tanned skin and bright white teeth. I can never have my own  teeth white enough…..

Let’s show the gown… 

Frank look’s adoringly at Christine…… & the men looked so handsome in black tuxedo’s.

Christine’s gown had a nod to Princess Grace of Monaco and Princess  Catherine of England. 

 Let’s take a moment to admire the makeup, the neutral eye, which will never date. The lashes and coral lips where perfect against Christine’s olive complexion. 

Christine’s full length Roma veil, added to the elegance of the wedding dress. 

Finally St Pauls was adorned with thousands of fresh flowers both outside and inside the church. Just perfect for a traditional wedding, which had a touch of an Irish wedding. ๐Ÿ’ž 

I thought Christine looked radiant! Many blessed years of wedded bliss! ๐Ÿ’–

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