These are a few of my favourite things…Christmas Wishlist

Here we all are guys,  almost Christmas and the end of 2015. I thought id share my favourites and wishlist. Some of these the universe have delivered some I’m still waiting on……. It might give you some inspiration for Christmas, or what to spend your cash on in the Boxing day/Stephen’s day sales. I will start with bags (my weakness and if i win the lotto id purchase all of these in Brown Thomas Dublin)

imageChanel wallet On a Chain (WOC) rock this little bag crossbody £1200 €1580

YSL Sac Du Jour Tote, a nod to the Hermes Birkin £1770 €2455

Givenchy Antigona, a modern classic £1440

Chanel boy WOC I love the modern asthetic £1305 €1600

I own a Chanel medium flap, i really adore the bag and never tire of getting it out. The only downside is you can’t get much into it as overstuffing your Chanel is not good for the stitching. I would suggest you pay a bit more for the Jumbo and for evening invest in a WOC.

imageFinally on my high end list is a pair of Dior Gold framed ‘So Real’ these look fab on and i love all gold errythingg

So lets finish on the luxury under £100….I adore the Kate Spade Agenda and want all of these! A Longchamp for under £100 is fantastic.

imageTom Ford portofino 30ml £92 a little piece of paradise……………

Longchamp Le Pilage  £83 versatile bag with a fab price point

Kate Spade Agenda £30 €44  adore this and its so useful for me

Diptyque red tuberose candle £55 Christmas in a candle

I hope my wish list has given you some inspiration, my intention is not to brag but offer you some ideas that you can save and aspire too> 💕


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