Fountain Of Youth

I am always on the quest for a skincare regime that will help my skin feel and look radiant. The skin needs extra attention as we age, add in a chronic illness  ‘Chronic Pancreatitis’  Christmas season, and winter this chick needs all the help she can get!! So let me introduce you to 3 ingredients that have quite literally changed my life in 6 weeks…….. Vitamin C      Matrixyl Synthe’6     Hyaluronic Acid     

I had seen these ingredients a lot in the beauty world, but when i joined Snapchat i was intrigued by Ellen Kavanagh Co-founder of Waxperts who  used  Vitamin C serum, and Glamour magazine Director Alessandra Steinherr who was using these ingredients . If 2 of the best in the beauty biz where having positive results I had to try. I’m Lurganista on Snapchat.

I start with Insta Natural Advanced Formula Vitamin C serum, which must be properly formulated so as not to loose its potency. (mine is in a dark bottle 20% and i keep it out of direct sunlight)  Now the Science bit  Vit C can…….

  • Reduce brown spots and sun damage
  • Boost healthy collagen production (ding ding ding)
  • Reduce inflammation and irritation
  • Fade breakout red marks and acne scarring
  • Increase sunscreen effectiveness

Journal of Clinical and Asthetic Dermatology 2012 IMG_8331.JPG The redness around my nose has calmed down, something that has never happened with any other skincare product ever! My skin appears plump. I may have found a fountain of youth product. There’s no way I’m stopping this little miracle bottle and it’s under £20.

 I wish i could bathe in Vit C. The radiance has increased too.

I then use eléni Reconstruction Serum from my deccollatage right up to my face adding a little extra onto my forehead lines. The Matrixyl synthe’6 peptides increase collagen production. Hello collagen increase, who doesn’t need more. My skin feels softer and has a more rested appearance.

Finally I seal the deal with a Hylauronic Acid Moisturiser by Victoria, and do all of these steps morning and evening. 

  Vitamin C in conjunction with other ingredients really is a powerhouse, and I’ve honestly never seen such a difference in my skin. Even when using  other very high end products. 

I hope you have the same results I had with these products. 💕 

Stockists: Insta Natural Vitamin C from Amazon: <a 
eléna Reconstruction serum from good salons and online:

Victoria Hydralon moisturiser Amazon:   

*some of these links are affiliates 

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