Creme De La Mer VS Nivea Creme

Is Nivea Creme a dupe for the much more expensive Creme De La Mer?

I worked in beauty for over 10 years after university. Ive tried all sorts of moisturiser from   Creme De La Mer to Arden Prevage and Lauder re-nutrive; I’ve also used all sorts of mid and drugstore moisturisers. One that I’ve seen constantly recently is Nivea Creme. Beauty vloggers, celebrity makeup artists (MUA) and reality stars all seem to have a pot of the distinctive blue jar sitting on they’re makeup consoles, or in there kits. Of course my interest was piqued….. if its good enough for those flawless reality stars and celebs I need that in my life!

I’ve used both these moisturisers and they both need warmed in the hands, and time to sink in. You really do need to massage them in, at least 15/20 minutes truthfully. Nivea Creme wasn’t invented by a NASA scientist, but kudos to the inventor of the little vintage blue pot of wonder. The skin does benefit from it at this time of year. (Skip if your very oily or just use at night)







  • Mineral oil
  • Petrolatum (not in the Eu NIVEA)
  • Glycerin
  • Parabins (creme de la mer US NIVEA)


Creme de la mer whilst the same consistency and fragrance as Nivea does have Seaweed extract and antioxidants. Herein are some problems, antioxidants need stored away from direct light and every time you open the creme de la mer you ruin the integrity of the antioxidants. I would buy Nivea Creme and an antioxidant serum. Ive had great results with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Go have a look at my Fountain Of Youth blog ….Fountain Of Youth

I guess Nivea Creme isn’t an exact dupe, but for a few pounds its a great moisturiser and add in a antioxidant serum and your still  not paying £108 so more money for shoes and bags!

Let me know what you think Lurganista Lovelies 💕









4 thoughts on “Creme De La Mer VS Nivea Creme

  1. Katrina Doran says:

    Flip I wish it was a dupe! Defs not. The glycerin in CDLM is plant based – which is more expensive – most cheap moisturisers with glycerin in the ingredients is synthetic or petrolatum based. And the good old magic seaweed foam – tis only amazing! To be honest though – for me – the serums are waaaay better than the moisturisers. The radiance serum? Un flipping believable. I didn’t know I had an issue with radiance until I use it. Unreal!

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    1. wendie says:

      I only had a 30ml of the original CDLM and didn’t see a huge difference in my dry eczema prone skin versus using the European Nivea. I agree ingredients are far more superior in high end products, but little old blue Nivea is a great little work horse. Especially price wise.

      I’ve seen a load of bloggers repurchase the CDLM serum which is a fab testament to how good it is, I just can’t afford it *rage*

      My skin has seen a big improvement with vitamin C, texture, freckles everything is looking amazing. xx


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