My Designer Handbag Collection Gucci Louis Vuitton Chanel

I remember buying my first Gucci bag a good few years ago, and I adored that bag. I loved how well the bag was made. My mum would tell you i was born with expensive taste as i always gravitated to expensive childrens dresses that my mum couldn’t afford bless her, but i didn’t know they where expensive at 4, and we tried to replicate the dress in Woolworths Ladybird clothing. I came out of the womb wanting a little glam!

As i can’t  work due to my bold pancreas i choose bags that i know i can wear with many different outfits. Designer handbags can be extremely expensive so my bags need to be versatile and a bonus if they hold they’re value.

Gucci Disco Soho

The Gucci Disco Soho is the bag i reach for almost daily. The Leather is buttery soft and it can be worn cross body or dressed up and worn on the shoulder. It might look small but looks are deceiving and i can get a lot into this little workhouse bag.

Zara Leather jacket, Chanel Pearl Brooch, Topshop jeans, New Look bobble hat.
Gucci Disco Soho. Zara black Leather jacket, Topshop Jeans, Chanel pearl brooch.

My second bag is my first purchase from Louis Vuitton and is the Speedy 25 Damier Ebene. I was lucky to be gifted the LV Speedy by my husband for Christmas. ID looked at it a few times in Brown Thomas Dublin Louis Vuitton store and deliberated over the Speedy 30 and 25, but as I’m a petite girl the Speedy 25 was big enough for me. Whilst mainly canvas with leather handles i really like the speedy 25 in Damier Ebene. It is a really roomy bag, and is  another bag that can be worn casually with the strap or on the crook of the arm to dress it up for evening.


Speedy 25 Damier Ebene
Speedy 25 Damier Ebene. Topshop Camel Coat, River Island Molly Jeans.

Lastly and by no means least is the crown jewel of my bag collection and is the Chanel Medium Flap in Caviar (cow leather)  I looked at this bag after i got engaged and was £600 Irish punts. As i was saving for a wedding i decided to not buy the bag (an extremely stupid mistake as the prices are so extortinate now). I was gifted mine for my birthday 3 years ago and i love everything about this bag. The leather is unlike any other bag I’ve ever owned or looked at in store. The gold hardware is so timeless and eveytime i wear the bag i get smiles from strangers as the Chanel bag is so beautifully iconic.

Chanel Medium Flap in Caviar leather. Chanel Nos5 L’eau. Chanel blusher.
Chanel Medium Flap caviar leather. Topshop White Shirt. Topshop Jeans. Shoes from Spain.
I know that not everyone can afford or want to own designer bags, but i really do love these  three in particular.  I don’t buy a lot of high street bags, so don’t have 100’s of bags but do really use and enjoy my  handbags.

You can buy vintage or gently used bags, which make it more affordable from stores like  Designer Exchange Dublin

Or buy something nice from Chanel cosmetics which still has the double C’s and will make you feel special.

Where to buy:

Gucci Disco Soho

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Damier Ebene

Chanel Medium Flap In store only.

Clothing…. pic with gucci bag.

Zara leather biker jacket:

Topshop Jeans Jamie ripped:

clothing Pic with Louis Vuitton bag….

Topshop Camel slimline coat: out of stock similar here ASOS:

River island boyfriend ripped  Jeans:

clothing Pic with Chanel bag….

Topshop Jeans Jamie ripped:

Topshop white shirt from last year, not available. Very similar:

White sandals Spanish similar Boohoo:

20 thoughts on “ My Designer Handbag Collection Gucci Louis Vuitton Chanel

    1. wendie says:

      Thanks for reading honey! I do get the most use from my Gucci Soho Disco, but the Chanel is just so special. I would love a Chanel Woc but unless my husband wins the euromillions I’ll not be buying one as I wouldn’t go into debt for a bag.
      I sold a Michael Kors bag I never used to part fund my Gucci where there’s a will there’s a way.
      I’ve Chronic Pancreatitis 14 years now, and it’s just my life, thank you for your concern 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

  1. sophievaughan says:

    Enjoyed this post wendie, I adore all of your bags! You look great, and that Chanel is a beauty! I’m obsessed with designer handbags lol I have the Speedy 30 in monogram but I’m quite tall so it’s a nice size for my frame. Your Speedy 25 looks fab! I’m recently new to the fashion blogging community, I have followed you 🙂
    Sophie xox |

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Quinn says:

    I have never owned or lusted after a designer bag (see previous idiotproof comment – I would only destroy it somehow), but I love that disco soho bag! I just feel like you could dress it up or down and fit all kinds of everything in there! So maybe I’ll save up and just use it when I’m feeling extra careful…!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wendie says:

      The Gucci Disco Soho is pretty indestructible, I don’t baby it and literally use it daily as it’s roomy and I like the cross body look. Have a look at my insta, site it’s almost every picture 🤣

      I do baby my Chanel, I got it for a big birthd

      Liked by 2 people

    1. wendie says:

      Mine too! I’m super careful with it, as it’s my baby. My Gucci Disco is such a little workhorse. I hope the universe delivers a Chanel to you, start with a brooch or earrings timeless and cheaper than the bags ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Zora_M_ says:

    The bags are really <3. Channel is all time favorite. I know one can't buy expensive bags but ones in a while shopping for it is worth it! What you say?
    And I have to say you were looking pretty

    Liked by 1 person

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