Summer Essentials Top 5

May 2017 and the weather has been glorious in the North of Ireland, which means one thing dollys’  shopping for Summer essentials. Summer in Ireland means after work cocktails are only permitted on roof terraces, as we don’t know how long the Summer weather will continue. So let me get you summer ready for weekend barbecues and soirees with my Top 5 Summer Essentials.

Number 1: St Tropez Tan Booster

I live with pancreatitis and have light skin so I don’t spend a lot of time tanning outdoors.    Im sure lots of you guys are busy with kids and family life and need something quick and easy.  St Tropez Tanning Booster is amazing! Darker than a gradual tanner but won’t make you look orange or that you’ve bathed in fence paint (you know that one beginning with a R).It is also designed to boost a natural tan which is win win. The guide colour means its so easy to apply and won’t leave you patchy. So let me tell you my self tan secrets……

  • Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate! I do this twice weekly with a grainy body exfoliator year round to stop dry skin and aid cell turnover very anti-ageing, do it 48 hrs before you apply your St Tropez Tan Booster.
  • Moisturise any dry patches like elbows knees and the hands.
  • Put an old towel on the floor if possible in front of a full length mirror.
  • I use a makeup brush to apply my tan to my face and down my neck, just apply straight to the brush and apply like a foundation tan done in moments et voila. (use an old one not your current foundation brush and use it just for tanning)
  • Take a mitt and apply in long strokes to the arms and legs, keep checking in the mirror you haven’t missed anything; don’t overthink it either as it should only take moments.
  • Go to bed in loose fitting old pj.s wake up looking like JLO!



St Tropez Tan Booster,Mitt & Brush for tan

Number 2: Fashion 

I’m sure you have all seen the Bardot/off the shoulder tops. I adore this style. As I’ve quite big boobs and a slim figure, I find these tops look fab in Summer and suit my frame. They look amazing on most figures from slim to curvy. I spotted this gorgeous white lace appliqué Bardot from Miss Selfridge. It’s stunning on. You could wear with skinny jeans or dress it up with a skirt for a girls night out or dinner with your partner. Off the shoulder tops will slot in nicely to any summer wardrobe (you can thank me later) I feel Parisian in Bardot tops, you can read my blog from the city of lights here….. I ❤️ Paris


Off the shoulder appliqué top Miss Selfridge 

Number 3: Sunglasses 

I may or may not have an addiction to sunglasses, a girl must protect her eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun hey! This year I bought myself a pair of Rayban Wayfarers with blue lens’ and I really love them. A classic shape they will never date and are very comfortable on. Sunnies will take you from the beach to the bar.


Rayban Wayfarers, Chanel Nos5 L’eau fragrance 

Number 4: Makeup Nude Lipstick 

Winter is all about the statement standout lip, whereas summer is all about the nude lip. I have the perfect polished nude lip that should suit all skin tones and hair colours. Say hello to Tarte lip sculptor in ‘Kind’. A beautiful nude creamy lipstick with a matching gloss at the other end of the bullet ingenious ( trying to find matching lipstick and gloss is harder than you think)  It really is the perfect nude and if you want to just put some bronzer and a slick of lipstick on natural days you are ready to rock; or you can do a full contour and  a smoky winged eye and Tarte Kind Lip sculptor will perfect your look for summer.

Number 5: Fragrance

‘5 drops of Chanel Nos5 and nothing else’ Marilyn Monroe. No one is more alluring and beautiful than the one and only Marilyn Monroe in my eyes. Whilst that was all Marilyn wore to bed, the new Chanel Nos5 L’eau is the perfect summer scent. It has a nod to the original Nos5 but the perfumer Oliver Polge has transformed leau into an alluring summer fragrance with a real modernity. Im not a huge fan of the original but love Nos5 L’eau and it screams Summer and completes any outfit. If you can’t justify the price of a Chanel handbag treat yourself to a bottle of Fragrance. If you love designer bags you can have a look at my collection here…… My Designer Handbag Collection Gucci Louis Vuitton Chanel

Thats it, my top 5 Summer Essentials round up. I hope you can find something to see you through the long Summer balmy days and nights ( if the weather keeps up)

Disclosure, i bought all of these items myself, I only blog about products i like. Products marked with an * are affiliate links, I get a tiny commission in order to keep Lurganista going which comes out of my own pocket.

Where to buy:

*St Tropez Tan Booster: *

Miss Selfridge appliqué top:

* Rayban: *

*Tarte lip sculptor Kind Duo : *

Chanel nos5 L’eau;


40 thoughts on “Summer Essentials Top 5

  1. Exp's e Constatações (@ExpConstatacoes) says:

    Great tips for summer! I’m in need of some new sunglasses. Never tried the St Tropez tanner but I might. I get sickly white during winter and as soon as I notice it’s time to show my bare legs I like to use a tanner. I’m currently using a Garnier one, and it’s working well but I’m always looking for new products

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Quinn says:

    I’m always a bit terrified that I’ll put on self-tan and wake up the next morning looking like I’ve applied camouflage body paint. I’m not a naturally graceful person so I just picture a lot of splotches happening everywhere… You make it sound easy though so I might give it a try!

    Also that white top is gorgeous. Does it ride up on the shoulders or does it stay where it should? I need idiotproof clothes, I swear. Anything that requires actual thought or planning is not possible for me, and God help any items that need to be dry cleaned….!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wendie says:

      Honestly the brush makes it sooooo easy! The Tan Booster has quite a bit of colour so will give you a natural tan, the guide colour makes it easy.
      I have pain with Pancreatitis lifting my arms up, and I mostly just tan my face neck chest & arms. I do it in minutes, a guide colour and preparation is key so it doesn’t cling to dry patches. Just do it have a quick look in the mirror to make sure you’ve not missed anything and you will look like jlo in the morn 🤗
      The top doesn’t ride up on me at all really, so delighted with it hehe. Dry clean only items are so annoying!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. wendie says:

        Let me know the craic ages ceol with the Tan, you’ll look like a goddess! Make sure it has a guide colour, vita liberata body blur is fab too (instant and hides imperfections) it’s what all the celebs and the big bloggers like Sue & pippa swear by x

        Liked by 1 person

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