I ❤️ Paris

The title says it all dolly’s…..I ❤️ Paris! I’ve been to France 3/4 times in my life, but Paris really does melt my heart, and if you aren’t careful it can melt the wallet. So I’m going to round up my stay in Paris and give you some tips and tricks to save some money whilst still immersing yourself fully in Parisian life.

I Stayed in the beautiful 5 star Art Deco Hotel Du Collectionneur just off the Champs Elysees in Paris. I booked through Expedia which worked out cheaper than booking directly (do always check with the hotel website) http://hotelducollectionneur.com/

After flying in, my husband and I where very thirsty and took a bottle of Evian from the mini bar, it was €12!!! Rookie mistake, after realising we asked the concierge for the nearest supermarket which was only 5 minutes away and stocked up on essentials. Flowers in the Foyer of hotel

It was my husbands first time in France and Paris, so we wanted to do all the usual tours. We booked the Eiffel Tour online with Book Your Guide and were provided with quick access past the huge queues and an English-speaking tour guide. I really enjoyed Sarah the guide as she was able to give us a potted history of Paris and point out the places of interest from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Very top of Eiffel Tower

 Book Your Tours http://www.getyourguide.com/Tours‎
The Eiffel Tower lights up every hour for 5 minutes at night and is breathtaking as it glitters in the night sky.

Downside of Eiffel Tower: watch out for ladies asking  do you speak English, German etc. It’s a con as once you sign you will be charged €20 and could be surrounded and pick pocketed. I encountered the same con at the top of the Champs Elysee. Just keep walking and don’t stop to talk.

My Hotel was only a short walk to the Arc Du Triomphe and we frequently went out for dinner to some beautiful French restaurants and then took a walk up to the Arc Du Triomphe. One of the highlights was a taxi driving over it!! (There’s no roundabout or lanes and it’s a free for all but exhilarating) Arc Du Triomphe

You can walk to the top of the Arc Du Triomphe, but with my pancreatitis I wouldn’t have been able to do this. It’s 284 steps and gives you a Western view of Paris. Book before you go for best prices.

As most of you know, I love shopping and I had to visit CoCo Chanel’s Apartment store 30 Rue Cambon. It was packed full, and after having a mooch I felt amazing knowing Madame Chanel’s apartment was just above me. This is the only Chanel Store in the world that gives out White as opposed to black Chanel bags.

The Champs Elysees was my favourite shopping avenue with Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Marks & Spenser’s ironically. Every label under the sun and Car stores, the Mercedes store had cars inside and merchandise from key fobs too iPhone covers very unique! I went into Sephora but didn’t see anything I really wanted as I’ve bought way to much makeup lately! Sephora Avenue du Champs Elysees

I really enjoyed Paris, there’s something magical about the City of lights and the Parisians are so friendly beautifully dressed and attractive! A little French in restaurants goes a long way. They also bring out tap water which can save you a few euro. Another tip is to get the set menu which included a glass of wine.

Tips: Download Uber, as it’s the cheapest taxi service. Don’t pay anymore than €50 from Charles Du Gaulle airport into the centre of Paris. You can also get a direct train or bus into the centre of town if you wish which is around €10, the metro then takes you all over the city. Book your tours online before you go, you will need a full day for the Louvre as it’s so huge! Make use of the Hotel’s free wi-fi.

Downside, the ladies trying to get you to sign petitions for money and pickpockets but every city has its downsides. This is very evident at the tourist heavy areas.

Hotel Collectionneur: http://hotelducollectionneur.com/  Expedia: http://www.expedia.com 

Tours: http://getyourguide.com/             just look for Paris…Eiffel Tower, Louvre etc 

Uber: download from the App Store before you go. 

I really ❤️ Paris it’s just so magical, romantic with the most chic residents. If you haven’t been you really must go, the architecture  is beautiful and they remain very true to the history of the buildings. I hope I’ve helped you save some euro for more shopping! Adieu dollys’ x

7 thoughts on “I ❤️ Paris

    1. wendie says:

      I don’t think €8 is too bad for a coffee as I’m used to paying that in Dublin, as I live in N Ireland. The mini bar was extortionate, but we found a little store a 5 minute walk from the Hotel.
      I have followed your blog for a while and enjoy all your posts x


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